vRealize Automation Root Password Policy Resets after Updating (8.x)

By default, a vRealize Automation (vRA) 8.x deployment sets the password expiration policy on the root account to one year. If the password is not manually updated in that year, the account will expire which will prevent any future upgrades from succeeding. This issue is well documented in VMware KB 2150647, and if needed, the method for resetting the root password. David Ring did a great write-up on modifying the password expiration policy causing this condition. I would recommend bookmarking that procedure, because I ended up needing it more than one time.

I deployed the vRA environment at 8.0, and have updated it incrementally up to 8.4. So far, I’ve noticed with every upgrade that the password policy would be reset back to the default expiration value of 365 days. I have had to add an additional validation check at the end of our upgrade process to ensure that the account expiration polices remain correct after an update is completed.

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